After a Fused Tubelight💡, no more Cameos for SRK🤓?

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Salman Khan / Bollywood

By Ra👁

The BO performance of Tubelight💡 has been devastating and SRK's🤓 cameo in the film as a magician🔮, underwhelming, to say the least. Despite his stature in Bollywood, King Khan👑 has obliged his friends in the industry🎞 and appeared in 31 special appearances so far😮!

Although he had decided✋🏼 several times before to kick the habit✂, when Salman💪🏽 put in a personal request for the role in Tubelight💡, it was an offer SRK could not refuse! But the lukewarm response😒 it's elicited supposedly has SRK taking a firm stand✊🏼 on cameos henceforth.

He had once said, 🔈“I’d do these things for any friend. If I’ve decided not to make guest appearances anymore, it’s because I’ve no way of knowing how these roles finally turn out. I’ve no control over special appearances.”

Well, maybe now's the time⏰ to make that decision, eh Shah Rukh😏?

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