Heavy Rainfall, Poor Drainage Lead To Flooded Ogba Road

  |   Nigeria News

A busy road in Ogba, Lagos was flooded on Thursday after an hour of heavy rainfall, bringing traffic to a halt. Motorists had difficulty driving through the water, which caused traffic to build up.

Our correspondent who visited the area gathered that the overflow was a result of the bad drainage system in the area. Ogba residents revealed that the waterways have been blocked and said the road always floods when rain falls. They called on the state government to intervene and repair the drainage system.

“The gutter, which is supposed to carry water whenever it rains, has been filled with sand, and this makes it difficult for water to flow easily. The only lasting solution will be for the Lagos State government to excavate the sand in the gutters at Ogba and close environs. This would give way for easy flow of water,” a resident told our correspondent.

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