Katrina 🔈: Ranbir Is My Best Friend😍

  |   Bollywood / Katrina Kaif

By Ra👁

The jokes and jibes between Ranbir and Kat🐱 during the promos for 'Jagga Jasoos'💑 has come under scrutiny, especially with Katrina fans🔍 accusing RK of mansplaining her. But Kat😺 has finally cleared the air when asked if she feels Ranbir's a better producer💸 or friend.

“As a producer, I don’t think he has done much in the film, honestly. Disney has done a fantastic job, they supported us all along the journey. Honestly, it’s Dada’s (Anurag Basu’s) creation. We have come on set every day, there was almost like a little joking competition which was happening, which has been seen in the media as well. But I think some people misunderstood it. They are taking that in the wrong way. We were enjoying it. But people are misunderstanding it,” 🔈Katrina said.

But that was clearly not a direct answer🤔, and upon further prodding, she fessed up🔈: “That’s what I answered! As a producer he is not at all (good). But…(giving RK a Hi-5✋🏼) Ranbir is my best friend.”

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