LG’s upcoming V30 flagship will reportedly drop its second display, switch to OLED

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According to a new report from XDA, LG plans to ditch its signature secondary with the V30 later this year. The secondary display as a differentiator for both the V10 and V20 devices, but LG apparently doesn’t plan to continue that trend this year…

The report explains that in addition to dropping the second screen technology, LG also plans to switch to an OLED panel with the V30 this year. Most past LG flagships have featured LCD panels, but this year the company will reportedly switch to OLED as it continues to invest in OLED technology.

The same source has confirmed a few additional details about this device: it should launch with a Snapdragon 835 SoC with 4GB of RAM, there will be a variant with 64GB of storage, and the device will also retain a microSD card slot for storage expansion. In most other aspects, the device can be summarized as a larger version of the existing LG G6 flagship smartphone.

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