👳🏻Manmohan Singh Speaks up Against Religious 👺intolerance

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Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi denounced mob lynchings in the name of cow protection, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed concerns about the kind of atmosphere being created in the name of religion in the country.

“The atmosphere being created in the name of religion reminds me of Iqbal’s couplet. "Religion doesn’t preach ill-will against each other,” Singh said while speaking at an Eid Milan function organised in Delhi.

His comments come close on the heels of “Not in My Name” protests held across cities that underscored a spate of mob killings in the country, most recently of a 15-year-old boy, Mohammad Junaid, on a Delhi-Mathura train. He said: “We should create an atmosphere that is in accordance with the path shown by our Constitution and the law. Strengthen brotherhood and embrace each other."

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