‘Mr. President, please grow up’: Lawmakers slam Trump’s vile tweets

  |   Donald Trump

President Trump's full-throttled attack on the hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" - his latest assault on the news media and its members - unleashed a wave of condemnation from Congress.

As reported earlier today by Duta, Trump unleashed a pair of tweets against a couple of TV hosts that he appears to have taken a sudden dislike to. He said, "I heard poorly rated Morning Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came... to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!"

Republicans and Democrats from the Senate and House reacted strongly to the president's Thursday-morning tweets, calling Trump's language "vile," "divisive" and "unpresidential."

"What we're trying to do around here is improve the civility and tone of the debate, and this obviously does not do that."

The bloodshed prompted many in Congress to call for more civility, restraint and cooperation, an aim Ryan seemed to reference during a news conference Thursday.

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