OnePlus 5 owners reporting ‘jelly’ scrolling lag issue [Updated]

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Despite the light Android build and immense power of the OnePlus 5, the company is still facing some issues with the phone when it comes to optimization. Quite a few OnePlus 5 owners are reporting a new issue with the device described as “jelly scrolling.”

It’s hard to describe exactly what is happening, but essentially the content on something like a web page or Twitter feed is being stretched or condensed while scrolling. In person is almost looks like the content is under water or even moving in slow motion. You can .

The cause is unclear, but it’s certainly something that could easily pull a user out of the experience when using their device. It doesn’t seem to be happening to all OnePlus 5 owners, so if you’ve just purchased one, you may not experience this problem. Some users think the issue could be due to the behavior of VSYNC on the OnePlus 5 or even the way the display is mounted, but neither of those seems very likely.

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