Girl was masturbated at on Mumbai Local train, and the women’s helpline just laughed at her

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22-year-old student Pooja Nair was travelling in the ladies compartment with a friend she noticed a man was waving at a co-passenger from the next compartment through the rods, that separates the coaches. She mistakenly looked up from her phone and made eye contact with the man, and heard him yelling abuses at her. He then crossed the line by opening his pant’s zip, pulled out his penis and started masturbating looking at her.

She asked help from a fellow passenger to call the women helpline to report the incident, but what happened next left her in dismay. “I told the person on the line all the details. The train was just approaching Kandivli. Which compartment, what time. All of it. Then I told him that this person had also called us what he did. And then the person on the helpline laughed.”

According to her post, the man who was masturbating got down at the next station and even threatened her that he would rape her. He even tried to board onto the ladies compartment but other women in the coach yelled, so he backed off.

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