Kristen Stewart👩🏼 Gets Stuck on Flight✈ with Ex Robert Pattinson

  |   Hollywood

What a nightmare it would be getting stuck on an overseas flight with your ex while you’re with your current sweetie! That’s exactly what happened to former lovebirds Kristen Stewart, 27, and Robert Pattinson, 31, as they were on the same flight into L.A.X together on July 7 after returning from Paris Fashion Week.

The actress wasn’t alone though, as her model girlfriend Stella Maxwell, 27, accompanied the Personal Shopper star on the Transatlantic trip. All three were looking pretty unhappy as they left the international arrivals terminal just a short time apart.

K-Stew and Stella both sported dark shades and pouts, while R-Patz just stared down at the ground with his earbuds in, trying to tune out the awaiting paparazzi questions.

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