Stop sand filing Lagoon, waterfronts, Ex-Surveyor-General warns Lagos govt

  |   Nigeria News

Former Surveyor-General of the Federation, Prof. Peter Nwilo, has urged the Lagos State Government to stop construction and all sand filling works around Lagoon and waterfronts.

Nwilo was on Monday reacting to the massive flooding in the state, especially around Lekki, Victoria Island, Ajah, Ikoyi and Lagos Island, following torrential rainfall on Saturday.

According to him, this is the first time the Lagos Lagoon water level is rising. “I do not think the water level of the Lagoon has risen like this before in the state. “Look around you, Lagos Lagoon and all waterfronts in the state are being sand-filled for the development of estates. “This is being done without proper Environmental Impact Assessment on consequences of such development on the environment.

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