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Ask Didi: 🤰 Do your nipples turn brownish?

(+26...0) asks when you are pregnant 🤰 do your nipples turn brownish?

Yes, increased melanin production during pregnancy is common. Some women even get dark splotches on their face called chloasma, or the mask of pregnancy. Don't worry, your skin will go back to normal after the birth of your …

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Ask Didi: I don't have a girlfriend😭

(+26...5) asks I don't have a girlfriend and it kills me inside😭.

Ask many girls out on dates (ones that don't know each other). You will get rejected most of the time💔, but the rejections which will toughen you up, and you may quite possibly find a girlfriend💑 in …

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Ask Didi: Digestion!

(+27...3) asks how long does it take for food to digest💩?

Generally, it take 3 to 10 hrs for food to pass through the small intestines, at which point most of the nutrients have been absorbed. It can take another day for the food to pass through the colon …

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Ask Didi: Bad Exam Results‼

(+60...0) asks does my mum hate 💔me because of my bad exam results?

Didi doesn't know your mom so she can't be 100% sure, but a parent generally does not hate a child because of bad exam results. A parent can feel angry, frustrated, worried or sad when a …

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