5 Short-Haircut Ideas That Are Heat Wave Approved

With the bob taking hold as the most versatile and talked-about hairstyle of the moment, now may be the time to schedule that seasonal short cut. And there’s another, still more practical reason to bid farewell to a few vital inches. As summer’s heat index rises, let’s …

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Alicia Vikander Reveals Her Knockout Tomb Raider Abs on Vacation

Looking to step up your summer fitness game? Alicia Vikander is here to offer a timely seasonal impetus. While enjoying a Mediterranean vacation with boyfriend Michael Fassbender, Vikander took to the deck of a sea-bound yacht to show off a set of washboard abs that put even her action-oriented partner …

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Bella Hadid Has the Perfect Spring Shoe for Under $60

To step into the new season with style, why not start from the ground up? Just yesterday in New York, Bella Hadid put a cheerful spring in her step with a new pair of Zara gingham platforms that cost less than $60—a fashion statement that won’t break the …

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