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Amazon launches Spark, a social network for its shoppers

Dubbed Spark, the new Instagram-like feature encourages Amazon customers to post images, stories and ideas about products they like. Other users can then react to the posts with comments and "smiles," much as one would "Like" a Facebook post.

The move comes at a time when retailers are competing more …

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New iPhone 8 Details Confirm Tim Cook's Expensive Gamble

With a new OLED display, curved glass, new physical design, inductive charging, and a still to be confirmed change in biometric recognition, the iPhone 8 is sitting on the bleeding edge of Apple’s ability to innovate. It’s already expected to be late into Apple Stores compared to historical …

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Microsoft unveils a beautiful Cortana-powered thermostat

Microsoft is partnering with Johnson Controls to build a thermostat. The software giant unveiled the new GLAS thermostat in a YouTube video today. It’s built by Johnson Controls, makers of the first electric room thermostat. It appears that GLAS will include a translucent touchscreen display that will allow owners …

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Sign Up for Sony's Next PS4 Update Beta

Sony on Wednesday opened beta sign-ups for its PS4 system software update 5.0. Interested individuals can head here and sign up for a chance to participate in the beta and "get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features" headed to the console.

Sony hasn't yet …

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When Doomfist Is Being Released For All Overwatch Players

For those of you who have been keeping a really close eye on Overwatch and the upcoming new character, Doomfist, you've probably recognised that he's been available on the PTR, but not available to everyone. Well, Blizzard finally revealed when he'll be available to the general public. He'll launch publicly …

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Elon Musk Calls for Moon Base

"To really get the public real fired up, I think we've got to have a base on the moon," the billionaire founder and CEO of SpaceX said today (July 19) at the 2017 International Space Station Research and Development (ISSR&D) conference in Washington, D.C.

"Having some permanent presence …

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NASA is uploading hours of aerospace history on YouTube

NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center is in the process of uploading hundreds of videos of rare test flight, launch, and landing footage to YouTube and the agency’s website.

It’s all part of a continued effort to better open access to NASA’s archives, as well as help …

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More than 8 billion tonnes of plastic produced since 1950s

Scientists have calculated 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been created across the world since mass-production started in 1950. The large majority of this, 6.3 billion, is now littering our countryside and oceans or buried in a landfill, the US researchers found.

Of the total amount of produced …

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Space Stations: Archaeological Sites in Low-Earth Orbit

A new effort, called ISS Archaeology, seeks to understand the "microsociety" aboard the International Space Station.

The plan is to treat the space lab like archaeologists would treat an ancient site. By looking at the artifacts of astronauts—from their dining utensils and sleeping bags to their religious icons and …

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