8⃣ -ft-Long Python🐍 Found Inside IAF Aircraft🛩 at Airbase in Agra

  |   India News

An eight-foot long python was found at the airbase of the Air Force in Agra on Wednesday. It was hemmed inside the undercarriage bay of a transport aircraft. The reptile was rescued by wildlife organisations after the IAF made calls to Wildlife SOS. It took the NGO almost five hours to disengage the snake from the right wing of the AN-32 aircraft, number K2706, news agency PTI reported, as it was imperative that the python kept calm.

“We had to get the python out of that narrow space keeping its safety in mind. We patiently waited for the snake to loosen its grip so that we could carefully transfer it to a transport carrier- (special-designed transport boxes),” an SOS official was quoted by the PTI as saying.

Kept under observation, it will be left to its devices in a natural habitat once it is found to be in suitable health, officials said.

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