Is Rob K📺 Repossessing Blac Chyna’s Luxury Cars?🏎

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Is the repo-man on the way to Blac Chyna‘s place? After ex Rob Kardashian, 30, exposed the all-out war between the pair where he accused her of using him and cheating on him with other men, it looks like he wants to take back some of the expensive gifts he gave her during happier times.

Since his Instagram account has been deleted after he violated their terms of service by posting nude pics of Chyna online, he took to his Snapchat on July 5 to issue a subtle threat that he’s coming for her prized luxury cars. In the video, he wanders through a driveway showing off her red Ferrari, purple Lambo and black Range Rover while singing the chorus to the Marvalettes 1961 hit “Mr. Postman.”

While it’s a mystery why he’s singing that particular song, there’s no question that he’s the one who purchased the customized lavender Huracan Lamborghini for her back in Apr. 2016, setting the reality star back $200,000. It was an engagement present to his new fiancee at the time and she was so excited that she took to Instagram to show it off and give Rob some love.

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