K-Pop Band BTS👬 Has Changed Their Name To...👥

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BTS is known as “Bangtan Sonyeondan” in Korean, and the band announced on July 5 that the phrase would no longer translate to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in English markets, but to “Beyond the Scene.”

“When you thought bts stood for “bangtan sonyeondan” but namjoon said “beyond the scene” so now you’re trying to figure out wtf is going on,” one fan wrote, using a variation on the Math Lady meme. “If they’re called beyond the scene, are we called sceneries?” another fan mused, using a confused-Oprah reaction gif. These are the important questions.

Amid the chaos, some fans are taking the name change well. “Now at least i can proudly say that i live in 2 generations: the Bulletproof Boys Scout generation and Beyond The Scene generation,” one fan tweeted of the beloved seven-member boy band. “As much as ‘bulletproof boyscouts’ has that 2013 nostalgia feel I actually like ‘beyond the scene’ as a meaning for BTS,” another wrote, and someone agreed: “Whatever makes the boys happy!”

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