Latest Snapchat update adds Voice Filters, Backdrops, lets you add links to snaps

Snapchat just got a pretty noteworthy update. And while the first bullet point in this update’s change log — on-demand geofilters — was introduced at the end of last month, a few of these features are entirely new. Among them are the ability to add links to your snaps, Backdrops, and Voice Filters.

The links, otherwise knowns as “Paperclips” — are probably the most important of today’s additions. With this feature you can just tap the Paperclip button when creating a snap to attach a website, and viewers of your snap will be able to just swipe up to view it.

Backdrops is also a cool feature. You select a design that you want to appear in the background of your photo, and then you can use your finger to draw over the parts of the photo that you want to have appear in the foreground. Voice Filters is pretty self-explanatory — they just add some effects over your voice.


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