UCC students accused of impregnating teenagers

  |   Ghana News

A survey conducted by the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) in the Central Region has exposed some male students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in illegal sexual practices.

The survey accused the male students of UCC of engaging young girls in the university community in “sex for money” activities, thereby contributing to the rise of teenage pregnancy and child prostitution in Cape Coast and its adjoining communities.

In a house-to-house interaction with some youth by personnel of NASPA to ascertain why the children engage in prostitution and the measures to curb the act, some teenagers located in Apewosika and Amamoma blamed the male students of UCC for going round and sleeping with girls in the community in exchange for money, hence the rampant teenage pregnancy and prostitution in the area. They also mentioned that some parents who demand money from their wards force them into prostitution.

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