Vettel accepts Hamilton did not brake-test him

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Sebastian Vettel has accepted Lewis Hamilton did not brake test him during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“I don’t think he actually brake-tested me,” Vettel confirmed during the pre-race press conference for the Austrian Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver admitted it had been “the wrong decision” to pull alongside Hamilton’s car and hit him.

The pair spoke to each other following their controversial clash in the last race. Hamilton told Vettel he wanted the Ferrari driver to make it clear he no brake-testing had taken place.

“My only point to Sebastian was I felt that saying I had brake-tested him, I was like ‘I hope you can correct that because people who people who were watching felt that was something I did’,” said Hamilton.

“I accept his apology and we’ll move forward,” Hamilton added. Vettel apologised to him when the pair exchanged text messages following the race.

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