Airlines Face Sh1 M Fine for 🛩Flight Delays, 🚫Cancellations

  |   Kenya News

Airlines operating in Kenya face fines of up to Sh1 million for flight delays and cancellations under new proposed regulations by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. The authority has proposed that foreign air carriers will be liable for a first offence fine of Sh500,000 and a fine of at least Sh1 million for a second subsequent offence in denied boarding, flight cancellation, delays and no-show.

For the same violations, local air carriers will face a fine of Sh300,000 and Sh800,000 for first and second subsequent offence. Both will be liable to a two-year jail term upon payment default. The fines are contained in the consumer protection provisions of the reviewed civil aviation regulations.

Other issues that may deem the carriers susceptible to these fines are a contravention of regulations pertaining to persons with disability or special needs as well as baggage.

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