Ajay Devgn Says There's No Bad Blood😤 Between Kapil Sharma and Him or SRK🤓

  |   Shahrukh Khan / Bollywood

The media📰 has been abuzz with reports that the cast of 'Baadshaho,'🎞 including Ajay Devgn, stormed out of Kapil Sharma's show, after he was a no-show. Ajay Devgn addresses the issue:

🔉"Shows have been cancelled quite a number of times. I really don't know what happened exactly. But reports said that we left the sets in anger. We did not leave in anger. We left as he had not reached the sets till then. He is a friend. When I'll talk to him next, well get to know what was wrong. Kapil must have had some problem. But I really don't know. So, if there is anger or not, I can't really answer your question."

What about SRK🤓 also being miffed with the TV funnyman after he cancelled on the 'Jab Harry Met Sejal'💑 team?

🔉 "There is nothing like that. Shah Rukh Khan has not issued any such statement. There is nothing like what you are making it out to be. We are colleagues. All of us want to do a better job. We always meet each other with good faith."


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