Andrew Awuni slams Organised Labour reps on SSNIT board

  |   Ghana News

The Founder of the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy, Andrew Awuni has chastised the representatives of Organised Labour on the Social Security and National Insurance Trust governing board, saying they must be called to answer questions regarding some decisions that led to the loss of millions of dollars.

He alleged that the representatives might not have had the interest of workers at heart hence the many infractions that are emerging in relation to the $72 million non-functional digitization project as well as SSNIT’s depreciated shares in the UMB bank.

Mr Awuni had earlier challenged the acquisition of Merchant Bank (now UMB) by Fortiz in court, but he lost. In a new twist of events, however, it has emerged that the Trust which hitherto had over 80% shares in UMB, now controls only 4.43% due what appears to be a lack of understanding of the transaction they entered into with Fortiz.

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