Deepika💁🏻 Marks 20 Mn Twitter🐦 Followers; Treats Them to a Candid Interview

  |   Bollywood / Deepika Padukone

While life in the Mumbai metro⛈ has come to a standstill due to the torrential rains, Deepika💁🏻 found a way to give some solace to her fans, by answering some interesting questions⁉ from them on Twitter. In the 20 minute window, she opened herself up candidly. The occasion was to mark her reaching 20 million followers😍 on the micro-blogging site🐦, and becoming the most-followed woman in Asia🌏!

Here's a snippet from the Q&A session...

Q: Your current state of mind? 😃
Dippy: peaceful and happy...😊

Q: How do you boost your confidence in times you don't feel as good?
Dippy: I think of all the good things in my parents,my sister,my friends..

Q: hi Deepika I've no questions to ask but I love you
Dippy: 🙏

Q: What has been the most challenging role of yours so far?
Dippy: 'Padmavati'

Q: A movie you last cried too?
Dippy: 'Piku'

Q: Ur current fav movie??
Dippy: 'Dunkirk'...ufff

Q: Its National Sports Day today! Tell us your favourite Sport!
Dippy: badminton & swimming 🏊🏽‍♀️🏸

Q: Your all time favorite gif?
Dippy: 📷:

Q: What is the one stuff of your house(mumbai) that reminds you of your home(Banglore) ??
Dippy: my parents room...😊

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