Google Maps 🗺️ now shows parking 🅿️ garages/lots in 25 cities throughout the US🇺🇸

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Between turn-by-turn navigation, being able to see how busy a business is at any given time, the ability to easily hunt down gas stations, and plenty more, Google Maps 🗺️ is a true powerhouse when it comes to maps/navigation.

In the most recent update 👍🏻 to the service, Google has announced that Maps will now make it easier than ever to find a place to park your car when you're out and about.

This new feature is aptly named "Find Parking", and it will allow you to tap a new icon with the same name that will show you parking lots and garages that are near your destination.

Upon selecting the lot/garage you'd like to park your car at, it will then automatically be added to your travel route with included walking 🚶🏻 directions to and from where your car is parked and where your actual destination is.

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