Hippos Save a 🐃Wildebeest from 🐊Crocodile’s Jaws📹:http://v.duta.us/4-Om1QAA

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Watering holes are often exciting places to watch animals interact, and new video from Kruger National Park in South Africa doesn't disappoint.

While touring the massive park, a couple happened upon a wildebeest that had just been bitten by a crocodile. It's likely the herbivore had approached the water for a drink when it was ambushed from below. The wildebeest struggled to free itself but the crocodile kept a firm grip on the slender leg in its powerful jaws.

Check it out📹:http://v.duta.us/4-Om1QAA

To read full article - http://v.duta.us/HcNTDAAA

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