Katy Perry Furious😤 Taylor Swift Dissed Her at VMAs🏆

  |   Hollywood

“Katy [Perry] is pretty upset about how everything went down at the VMAs. She agreed to be the host and thought it was her big night, only to have it stolen by Taylor [Swift]. Taylor didn’t have to premiere the video then, but she wanted to hurt Katy. In Katy‘s eyes it just proves once again what she always felt — Taylor is the biggest mean girl in the business,” a source close to the singer reveals.

Katy left the VMAs stage to avoid watching Taylor’s new video. Katy was nowhere to be found when the VMAs came back from a commercial break and went into Taylor’s new video for “Look What You Made Me Do”. Therefore, no one introduced the video — just a PSA on the monitors made the announcement. And once Taylor’s video ended, Blackish star Yara Shahidi went on stage to introduce a performance by Shawn Mendes. Katy was still MIA.

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