This 🇮🇳 City Tops World Cities' List🌎 for Blue Whale🐋 Search

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In what could be astounding revelations, studies have revealed that among 30 cities of the world, Kolkata tops the list when it comes to online searches for the fatal 'Blue Whale' challenge. The city has seen a 100% jump in searches for the "game" in 12 months, according to Google Trends data.

In fact, seven Indian cities make the top ten. Among the top five are Guwahati (4th) and Chennai (5th). Bengaluru (6th), Mumbai (7th), New Delhi (8th) and Howrah (9th) are the other cities in the top ten. San Antonio (US) and Nairobi (Kenya) take the 2nd and 3rd places. Paris (France) comes 10th.

Despite these stats, India has consistently stood third with regard to online searches for Blue Whale.

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