Mumbai Rains⛈☔ - Bollywood Reacts

  |   Bollywood / Priyanka Chopra / Deepika Padukone

The Mumbai rains are back to reign havoc in the city and Bollywood celebs are expressing their concern via social media. While some can't help but vent out their frustration, others write with a lighter vein. Read on...

Priyanka 💬: Torrential Mumbai Monsoon. The wrath of nature. Pls be safe everyone. Pls allow strays into dry spaces.. BMC helpline 1916. Police Helpline 100..Home is the safest.. for most. Find shelter and give shelter. Be safe Mumbai

Deepika 💬: alerts showing up on my phone about the rains in Mumbai.Please stay safe and take care everyone.

Lara Dutta Bhupathi‏ 💬: Putting our Wimbledon,US Open, Aus Open &French Open towels to good use!😄 - with Mahesh Bhupathi. Stay safe & indoors if possible folks!🙏

Abhishek Bachchan 💬: Happy National Sports Day. Today’s sport of choice is swimming. Enjoy!

Anil Kapoor 💬: Mumbaikars, be safe & lend a helping hand to those in distress! We got through this before & we'll get through it again!

Jackie Shroff 💬: Stay safe mumbaikars and help each other.... 🙏

Vishal Dadlani 💬: Mumbai. If you're getting into a car, make sure you have water, food & something to break windows with, if needed. Stay safe, help others.

Alia Bhatt 💬: Heard about the heavy rains in Mumbai!!! Please be safe.. And PLEASE make some room for stray dogs and cats in your buildings & compounds!

Shraddha Kapoor 💬: Everyone please stay safe and indoors. Feel terrible about people and animals with no proper shelter or no shelter at all.

Raveena Tandon 💬: Decades of overdevelopment,bad planning,corruption,no infrastructure,trashing rivers,City is bound to collapse!years to undo/restructure. Radical environmental steps be taken.stp plastic,clean Mithi,control overdevelopment.let mangroves live,above all keep neighbourhood clean.

Vikram Bhatt 💬: Home finally! One insight I bring home; is the resilience of the people of this city taken for granted? Time and again?

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