Operation Vanguard arrests over 90 more illegal miners

  |   Ghana News

Government’s anti-illegal mining task force, Operation Vanguard has arrested some 93 illegal miners. This brings the total number of arrested illegal miners to 183. The miners were arrested in some illegal mining areas in the Ashanti, Eastern and Western Regions.

All ninety arrested earlier have been arraigned in various parts of the country. Addressing the challenge of defiant miners who operate in the night, Major Gariba Pabi said they have devised strategies to clamp down on them.

He said, “As at this morning we have made 183 arrests in these three regions. All those arrested have been handed over to the Police in the various regions and they are taking them through prosecution process. What we do is that when we arrest illegal miners on the site, we hand them over to the Police and the Police takes over from there.”

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