Donald Trump

Somber 😔 times

Tuesday and Wednesday morning were a little disheartening 💔 for Trump 👨🏼, especially since he was watching Hurricane Harvey's devastation 😮 and relief efforts from Texas. Apart from that, a sly threat ⚠️ from North Korea and the Fake News 📰 seem to have only dampened his mood further, so much that he's barely been …

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Trump Rat 🐭 Visits Washington DC‼️

If you're around Dupont Circle in Washington DC today, prepare yourself to see something out of the ordinary - the Trump rat.

The rat balloon was made by artist John Post Lee, after Trump's victory in November. "I wanted to do something meaningful, and also something cathartic to help myself," said …

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A peek 👀 into Trump's 👨🏼 oval office meetings‼️

This is a rare account 👀 of President Trump 👨🏼 in a small Oval Office meeting, venting 😡 at senior staff for sometimes resisting his hawkish trade agenda.

During Gen. Kelly's first week as Chief of Staff. Kelly convened a meeting 🔊 to discuss the administration's plans to investigate 🔍 China 🇨🇳 for stealing American intellectual …

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