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Ask Didi: Teen in love💘?

(+27...5) asks as a teen, is it an illusion to think you are in love💘?

While teenagers may have more illusions about love than adults, this doesn't mean that all teenage love is an illusion! In fact, Didi believes that teenagers often love more passionately than adults!

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Ask Didi: Marry you after 5 years 💍 ?

(+27...4) asks if a boy tells you that he will marry you after 5 years 💍 should you trust him?

Five years is a very long engagement⏳, especially a young couple. If the boy is sincere and in love💘, you should trust his intentions - that he really intends to marry …

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Ask Didi: Hangover🥃?

(+27...4) asks is it normal to get a headache after drinking booze🥃?

Yes, a headache is a sign that you've had a little too much to drink! Alcohol widens blood vessels which may cause headaches in some. Drinking too much alcohol could also lead to dehydration which is also …

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