Trump Rat 🐭 Visits Washington DC‼️

  |   Donald Trump

If you're around Dupont Circle in Washington DC today, prepare yourself to see something out of the ordinary - the Trump rat.

The rat balloon was made by artist John Post Lee, after Trump's victory in November. "I wanted to do something meaningful, and also something cathartic to help myself," said Lee. "This is what I know — I know how to help artists make things."

A character sketch, a Kickstarter campaign and a build later, the Trump rat made his debut two weeks ago in New York, appropriately, near the Trump Tower.

He's now making a two-day appearance in Dupont Circle. The rat's visit in D.C. comes just weeks after a giant inflatable chicken that had Trump-esque hair made an appearance just south of the White House. Expect to see more rat pop-ups in the future.

“As long as Trump is in office, Trump Rat lives," he said

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