Works of Kenyan Artist🖌 'Taking Maasai to Space'🚀 Hits Global Headlines📰

  |   Kenya News

A recreation of a fictional sparsely inhabited desert planet from the movie series "Star Wars" has put a Kenyan artist on the global map.

Digital artist Jacque Njeri's masterpiece, in a project dubbed MaaSci, was featured on CNN on Monday.

"Maasai elders may seem an improbable choice to navigate a spaceship, but for Njeri, the semi-nomadic nature of the tribe makes members the perfect candidates for space exploration," the news outlet reported.

It featured Njeri's recreation of the 'Star Wars' Tatooine city while incorporating elements of Maasai culture.

She depicts women as cyborgs with colorful beads around their necks and elders clutching their sticks on board a spaceship.

Traditionally, members of the community in East Africa are cattle herders -- often crossing borders between Kenya and Tanzania.

CNN reports that Njeri was inspired to take them farther by sending the herders up to space.

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