Don't Subject 🇰🇪Kenyans to Unnecessary Drama🔊: Tuju to 😎Raila

  |   Kenya News

Raphael Tuju has hit out at NASA saying its leaders should not subject Kenya to "unnecessary drama" by claiming the election was fraudulent. The National Super Alliance has rejected the results of Tuesday's general election saying they don't represent the will of Kenyans.

Presidential candidate Raila Odinga said they are concerned the outcome is not in line with the law. But Tuju said: "You cannot claim the results are have to accept them however they come."

In a press conference on Wednesday, the Jubilee secretary general noted no one should get in the way as Kenya has decided. "Only one campaign could emerge victorious. We appeal to NASA to stop calling results fraudulent. They can only be fraudulent with the manipulation of Form 34A." Raila noted the documents are supposed to accompany results and that this has not been the case.

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