Former Pakistani 🇵🇰 PM Nawaz Sharif starts rally 💪🏻

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Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif 🇵🇰 has started a rally 💪🏻 from the capital Islamabad to Lahore, in a defiant show of political strength 💪🏻 after the Supreme Court ⚖ disqualified 👎🏻 him from holding public office for omissions in a parliamentary wealth 💰 declaration.

"[I was disqualified because] my son 👦🏻 has a company that I never took a salary 💴 from," a defiant 😡 Sharif said on the eve of his planned "caravan" to Lahore.

"We will walk 🚶🏻 to Lahore if we have to," said Nazeer Hussain, 60, a PML-N party worker who was wearing a shirt 👕 imprinted with Sharif's face 👦🏻 and a hat bearing his election symbol of a tiger 🐯.

To join the caravan, Hussain rented a car 🚗 that cost him Rs 20,000 ($190), roughly half his monthly income as a shopkeeper 🏪 in the city of Muzaffarabad, 90km north of Islamabad.

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