French GP organisers explain decision to add chicane to F1 layout

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French Grand Prix organisers chose to place a chicane on Paul Ricard's Mistral Straight to stop Formula 1 engines running at full speed for 1.12 miles and boost overtaking opportunities.

F1 will return to France after a 10-year hiatus in 2018, with the June 24 race marking the first leg of the championship's first triple header that also comprises the Austrian and British Grands Prix.

Organisers have chosen the full 3.6-mile circuit configuration for the race but with a chicane to break-up the long Mistral Straight.

"The FIA did some research and the speed before the chicane will be 343km/h [213mph], so the chicane is useful," French GP managing director Gilles Dufeigneux told Autosport.

"The chicane has been added to prevent the engines from running at full speed on a straight uphill line of 1.8km.

"We also wanted to facilitate the creation of an additional overtaking area."

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