Kobe Bryant's⛹🏿 Extremely Rare Air Jordan 3s👟 Sell For $30,000😱

  |   Hollywood

The only pair of Air Jordan 3's👟 ever made for Kobe Bryant has raked in an insane amount of cash💸 on the auction block ... selling for more than $30,000!!

Here's why they're so freakin' expensive💰 - the kicks were exclusively made for the Black Mamba⛹🏿 when he was in between shoe deals back in 2002. According to Nice Kicks, he even tested them out🏀 in a couple games that season.

But Kobe never ended up signing with the Jumpman. So, as legend has it, this is one of the only pairs of Kobe Bryant Jordan 3s👟 in existence.

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