Msando Login Used to Hak IEBC Server, 👔Uhuru Must Go🔊: 😎Raila

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Hackers used the late Chris Msando's identity to access IEBC systems, Raila Odinga claims. Raila, who is trailing President Uhuru Kenyatta by over 1 million votes, claims the results were manipulated.

"We have caught them. Hackers gained entry into the election database through Msando account and directly into Chairman Wafula Chebukati's account," the NASA presidential candidate said on Wednesday.

"They created errors in the server that allowed them to turn a democratic process to a function of a formula," he added. He said democratic process is not a show that can be manipulated anytime. "I do this out of the obligations for Kenyans. Some people conspire and denied Kenyans an opportunity to elect their leaders," he said. "It gives Uhuru votes that were not cast. Uhuru must go home. We do not need him as our leader and IEBC must be held accountable," he said.

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