Nagasaki mayor: Threat 😱 of nuclear attack 💣 growing ‼️

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The fear of another nuclear bomb 💣 attack is growing 📈 on the 72nd anniversary of the US 🇺🇸 atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, 🇯🇵 the city's mayor said, apparently referring to the North Korean 🇰🇵 nuclear threat in the region.

Speaking at a ceremony 💐 marking the nuclear tragedy of the World War II ⚔ on Wednesday, Tomihisa Taue urged nuclear states to abandon 🚫 such weapons and criticised Japan's🇯🇵 government for not taking part in the global efforts 💪🏻 towards a nuclear ban.🚫

"A strong sense of anxiety 😱 is spreading across the globe 🌍 that in the not too distant future these weapons 💣 could actually be used again."

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