Nepal criminalises 🚫 isolation of menstruating women👩🏻

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Nepal's parliament has criminalised 🚫 an ancient Hindu practice called chhaupadi that banishes 🚶🏻 women from the home 🏠 during menstruation and after childbirth 👶🏻.

"A woman 👩🏻 during her menstruation or post-natal state should not be kept 🚫 in chhaupadi or treated with any kind of similar discrimination 😡 or untouchable and inhuman behaviour," reads the law, passed in an unanimous vote on Wednesday.

The new law 📋, which will come into effect in a year's time, stipulates a three-month jail sentence or a 3,000 rupee fine ($30), or both, for anyone forcing a woman 👩🏻 to follow the custom‼️

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