Nikki Reed Describes 😃 the Moment of Truth👏

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Nikki Reed 💃🏻 is absolutely glowing 😃 on the cover of Fit Pregnancy & Baby's 📓 latest issue.

On her and Ian Somerhalder's plans 📋 after welcoming their baby 👶🏻, she said, "We'll take the baby's 👶🏻 first month for ourselves. Just the three 👪 of us, no visitors, and we're turning off our phones 📱 too‼️"

On not knowing 😷 the sex of their child 👶🏻, "A close friend had a son and I remember thinking ☺️, 'I hope I have a son one day. Then another friend had a girl and I thought, 'How fun would it be to have a miniature 👧🏻 version of yourself ?'

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