No Data to Back ✌Modi's Claims on How 🎫Aadhaar Busted Fake Ration 💳Cards

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Nobody in the Narendra Modi government seems to know where the prime minister got the data on the basis of which on February 7 he told the Lok Sabha that the use of technology and Aadhaar led to the discovery of 3.95 crore bogus ration cards (from 1:19 onwards in the video below).

Right to Information Act activist Anjali Bharadwaj on Tuesday claimed at a press conference organised to “expose the false claims of the government about the benefits of Aadhaar”.


While Bharadwaj spoke about how Aadhaar has been cited to deprive crores of citizens of their right to food, other activists who participated in the meeting highlighted how the identity number has become a tool to reduce their expenditure on social welfare and to exclude people at will.

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