North Korea 🇰🇵 retaliates to Trump's 👨🏼 warning⚠️

  |   Donald Trump


North Korean 🇰🇵 state media 📰 reports that the country is considering firing missiles 🚀 at the island of Guam. Guam is a U.S. 🇺🇸 territory in the Western Pacific with a population of about 160,000,😱 and home to three U.S. military bases‼️

North Korea's 🇰🇵 military spokesman reportedly said Pyongyang would conduct a pre-emptive operation 💪🏻 if there are signs of U.S. 🇺🇸 provocation.

The news 📰 broke just hours after President Trump 👨🏼 warned of 'fire and fury' 🔥 if North Korea 🇰🇵 made any further threats.

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