Ranveer Singh Got Jacked💪🏽 in Just 6⃣ Weeks❗📷: http://v.duta.us/Dw7bmAAA

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After Ranbir Kapoor’s trainer🏋🏻 posted a picture of the actor’s ripped, transformed body💪🏽, it is Ranveer Singh’s turn to hog the limelight. A before-after picture📸 of how much Ranveer’s body has changed in just 6⃣ weeks is out and it is unbelievable.

Llyod Stevens, Ranveer’s Zimbabwean personal trainer🥊, has posted the picture of the actor on Instagram. He revealed how hard the two of them worked🤼‍♂ to attain their goals. 💬“6 WEEK transformation with my boy Ranveer... Haven’t posted this in a long while but every time I look at it makes me very proud and remember that Ranveer and I worked extremely hard to achieve this result despite his extremely busy schedule that sometimes involved us working out at very late hours of the night or very early hours of the morning ... never the less we got it done,” he wrote.

📷: http://v.duta.us/Dw7bmAAA

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