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US 🇺🇸 Air Force Jets ✈️ Train in Guam 💪🏻

Shortly before North Korea 🇰🇵 revealed that it was considering firing 🚀 missiles at Guam, two U.S 🇺🇸 Air Force B-1B bombers ✈️, under the command of the U.S. 🇺🇸 Pacific Air Forces, joined counterparts from South Korea 🇰🇷 and Japan 🇯🇵 in strategic bilateral missions.

Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers ✈️ assigned to …

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🐦 On a rampage😡

After Tuesday's heated exchange 😡 between Trump 👨🏼 and North Korea, the world 🌍 watched with clenched fists if the countries would have a showdown 💪🏻 and an exhibition of power. But Americans 🇺🇸 were able to sleep peacefully last night, all the while knowing that something 👀 very dangerous is brewing around the corner. Here …

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US 🇺🇸 Secretary of State Defends Trump's 👨🏼 North Korea 🇰🇵 Comment

US 🇺🇸 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has sought to allay fears 😱 of a military confrontation with North Korea 🇰🇵 after President Donald Trump 👨🏼 warned ⚠️ he could unleash "fire and fury" 🔥 on the pariah state.

Tillerson defended 😯 Trump's 👨🏼 comments but said there was no sign 👎🏻 that the threat level from North Korea …

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Trump 👨🏼 talks 🔊 to Mueller privately

President Trump 👨🏼 and special counsel Robert Mueller have exchanged ✉️ private messages, Trump's 👨🏼 lawyer John Dowd said.

"He appreciates 👍🏻 what Bob Mueller is doing. He asked me to share ✉️ that with him and that's what I've done.''

Publicly, Trump 👨🏼 has called Mueller's investigation 🔎 a "witch hunt," and said it would cross …

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North Korea 🇰🇵 retaliates to Trump's 👨🏼 warning⚠️


North Korean 🇰🇵 state media 📰 reports that the country is considering firing missiles 🚀 at the island of Guam. Guam is a U.S. 🇺🇸 territory in the Western Pacific with a population of about 160,000,😱 and home to three U.S. military bases‼️

North Korea's 🇰🇵 military spokesman reportedly said …

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