Taylor Swift🎤 Leaning On Mom👩‍👧 As She Prepares To ‘Take A Stand’ In Groping Case⚖

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The second day of Taylor’s trial⚖ against former radio show host David Mueller📻 for alleged sexual assault took place on Aug. 8, and PEOPLE📘 reports that Taylor appeared “focused and calm” as lawyers presented their opening statement to 8⃣ jurors (two men and six women). Earlier in the day, Taylor’s lawyer👩‍⚖ said the singer is “taking a stand for all women” and that “this is a case of sexual assault in the workplace.”

Taylor is dealing with the court case drama😓 really well. She’s pleased the trial is finally here, and she’s looking forward to soon being able to put it all behind her. This whole situation⚖ has been pretty upsetting and stressful, but Taylor is adamant✊🏻 that she is not going to allow a man to get away with disrespecting her😤, in any way.

Taylor’s been leaning on her mom👩‍👧 for support — she has been there right from the start, and she stands behind Taylor 100%. Andrea [Swift] is so proud of Taylor🎤, of how strong and resilient she is, and she’s proud of how Taylor is making a stand for herself and for others and sending a strong message that it is never OK🙅🏻 for men to inappropriately touch women👭.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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