‘Denied’ admission 🚫, woman 👩🏻 gives birth 👶🏻 outside Gonda government hospital 🏥

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A woman gave birth at the gate of the state-run Gonda District Women Hospital on Friday, after she was allegedly denied admission and asked by the staff to return later.

The incident took place around 8 pm when Pinki (28) was brought to the hospital by her relatives for delivery. Gonda District Magistrate J B Singh claimed that when the woman was brought to the hospital, she was not in labor and had decided to return home on her own. "After they (hospital staff) got to know about the baby being delivered at the gates, they brought her inside," he said.

The Gonda CMO added: “The woman’s relatives have told me that she refused to get admitted. As she left the hospital, the pain suddenly started and she gave birth on the road. A lot of patients do this. They do not listen to doctors. Probably, she panicked looking at the scene inside the delivery room and ran outside. While running, labor started and she delivered the child on the road.”

However, the CMO said a departmental probe will be conducted by the chief medical superintendent of the hospital. “Action will be taken against those responsible on the basis of the report,” he added.

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