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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 604

Dying in the Word of the Shabad, you shall live forever, and you shall never die again. The Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam is ever-sweet to the mind; but how few are those who obtain the Shabad. ||3|| The Great Giver keeps His Gifts in His Hand; He gives them to those with whom He is pleased. O Nanak, imbued with the Naam, they find peace, and in the Court of the Lord, they are exalted. ||4||11|| Sorat'h, Third Mehl: Serving the True Guru, the divine melody wells up within, and one is blessed with wisdom and salvation. The True Name of the Lord comes to abide in the mind, and through the Name, one merges in the Name. ||1|| Without the True Guru, the whole world is insane. The blind, self-willed manmukhs do not realize the Word of the Shabad; they are deluded by false doubts. ||Pause|| The three-faced Maya had led them astray in doubt, and they are snared by the noose of egotism. Birth and death hang over their heads, and being reborn from the womb, they suffer in pain. ||2|| The three qualities permeate the whole world; acting in ego, it loses its honor. But one who becomes Gurmukh comes to realize the fourth state of celestial bliss; he finds peace through the Name of the Lord. ||3|| The three qualities are all Yours, O Lord; You Yourself created them. Whatever You do, comes to pass. O Nanak, through the Lord's Name, one is emancipated; through the Shabad, he is rid of egotism. ||4||12|| Sorat'h, Fourth Mehl, First House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: My Beloved Lord Himself pervades and permeates all; He Himself is, all by Himself. My Beloved Himself is the trader in this world; He Himself is the true banker. My Beloved Himself is the trade and the trader; He Himself is the true credit. ||1|| O mind, meditate on the Lord, Har, Har, and praise His Name. By Guru's Grace, the Beloved, Ambrosial, unapproachable and unfathomable Lord is obtained. ||Pause|| The Beloved Himself sees and hears everything; He Himself speaks through the mouths of all beings. The Beloved Himself leads us into the wilderness, and He Himself shows us the Way. The Beloved Himself is Himself all-in-all; He Himself is carefree. ||2|| The Beloved Himself, all by Himself, created everything; He Himself links all to their tasks. The Beloved Himself creates the Creation, and He Himself destroys it. He Himself is the wharf, and He Himself is the ferryman, who ferries us across. ||3|| The Beloved Himself is the ocean, and the boat; He Himself is the Guru, the boatman who steers it . The Beloved Himself sets sail and crosses over; He, the King, beholds His wondrous play. The Beloved Himself is the Merciful Master; O servant Nanak, He forgives and blends with Himself. ||4||1|| Sorat'h, Fourth Mehl: He Himself is born of the egg, from the womb, from sweat and from the earth; He Himself is the continents and all the worlds. He Himself is the thread, and He Himself is the many beads; through His Almighty Power, He has strung the worlds.

Ang: 603

Without the Guru, love for the Lord does not well up, O Siblings of Destiny; the self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in the love of duality. Actions performed by the manmukh are like the threshing of the chaff - they obtain nothing for their efforts. ||2|| Meeting the Guru, the Naam comes to permeate the mind, O Siblings of Destiny, with true love and affection. He always sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, O Siblings of Destiny, with infinite love for the Guru. ||3|| How blessed and approved is his coming into the world, O Siblings of Destiny, who focuses his mind on serving the Guru. O Nanak, the Name of the Lord is obtained, O Siblings of Destiny, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and we merge with the Lord. ||4||8|| Sorat'h, Third Mehl, First House: The three worlds are entangled in the three qualities, O Siblings of Destiny; the Guru imparts understanding. Attached to the Lord's Name, one is emancipated, O Siblings of Destiny; go and ask the wise ones about this. ||1|| O mind, renounce the three qualities, and focus your consciousness on the fourth state. The Dear Lord abides in the mind, O Siblings of Destiny; ever sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||Pause|| From the Naam, everyone originated, O Siblings of Destiny; forgetting the Naam, they die away. The ignorant world is blind, O Siblings of Destiny; those who sleep are plundered. ||2|| Those Gurmukhs who remain awake are saved, O Siblings of Destiny; they cross over the terrifying world-ocean. In this world, the Name of the Lord is the true profit, O Siblings of Destiny; keep it enshrined within your heart. ||3|| In the Guru's Sanctuary, O Siblings of Destiny, you shall be saved; be lovingly attuned to the Lord's Name. O Nanak, the Name of the Lord is the boat, and the Name is the raft, O Siblings of Destiny; setting out on it, the Lord's humble servant crosses over the world-ocean. ||4||9|| Sorat'h, Third Mehl, First House: The True Guru is the ocean of peace in the world; there is no other place of rest and peace. The world is afflicted with the painful disease of egotism; dying, only to be reborn, it cries out in pain. ||1|| O mind, serve the True Guru, and obtain peace. If you serve the True Guru, you shall find peace; otherwise, you shall depart, after wasting away your life in vain. ||Pause|| Led around by the three qualities, he does many deeds, but he does not come to taste and savor the subtle essence of the Lord. He says his evening prayers, and makes offerings of water, and recites his morning prayers, but without true understanding, he still suffers in pain. ||2|| One who serves the True Guru is very fortunate; as the Lord so wills, he meets with the Guru. Drinking in the sublime essence of the Lord, His humble servants remain ever satisfied; they eradicate self-conceit from within themselves. ||3|| This world is blind, and all act blindly; without the Guru, no one finds the Path. O Nanak, meeting with the True Guru, one sees with his eyes, and finds the True Lord within the home of his own being. ||4||10|| Sorat'h, Third Mehl: Without serving the True Guru, he suffers in terrible pain, and throughout the four ages, he wanders aimlessly. I am poor and meek, and throughout the ages, You are the Great Giver - please, grant me the understanding of the Shabad. ||1|| O Dear Beloved Lord, please show mercy to me. Unite me in the Union of the True Guru, the Great Giver, and give me the support of the Lord's Name. ||Pause|| Conquering my desires and duality, I have merged in celestial peace, and I have found the Naam, the Name of the Infinite Lord. I have tasted the sublime essence of the Lord, and my soul has become immaculately pure; the Lord is the Destroyer of sins. ||2||