Google Chrome 💻 will block 🚫 autoplay video 📹 starting January 2018

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Google is taking on the irritating trend of auto-playing Web videos with its Chrome browser. Starting in Chrome 64, which is currently earmarked for a January 2018 release, auto-play will only be allowed when the video in question is muted or when a "user has indicated an interest in the media."

In addition, Google is adding a new site muting option to Chrome 63 (due for release in October), which allows users to completely disable audio for individual sites.

However, Apple's upcoming Safari 11 browser-which features its own auto-play blocking tools-will allow for more granular control, enabling users to mute auto-playing media with sound or block auto-playing media entirely on specific sites or on the Internet as a whole. Aside from removing the annoyance of auto-playing videos (those that follow you down the page as you scroll are particularly evil), Chrome's blocking tools will also help users consume less data and power on mobile devices.

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