Anushka's👩🏻 Strange Reaction🙄 to Deepika's 'Padmavati'👸🏻 Poster

  |   Deepika Padukone / Anushka Sharma

Wonder if there's some animosity😾 between Anushka and Deepika now! Ahead of the launch of Padmavati's👸🏻 posters, reports sounded off that the film is headed for a BO clash with Anushka's👩🏻 Pari in February. But now we know that Padmavati will release on December 1⃣. While fans have been going gaga over Dippy's regal avatar👑 in the film, Anushka had a bizarre and long-winding answer when asked for her reaction to the posters🤔.

She told the media🎙this:

🔈"You know, the place where I was shooting today, there was zero network over there. But I was very happy about it. This is because I thought that this kind of a world, where there is no network… there are no calls coming in and no messages coming in. You don't know what is happening in this world. Is there even such a place in the world? Yes, there is such a place and I was in this place for a while. It is right here, in Mumbai. I was very happy, I thought, 'this is such a good life.' "

She further added, 🔈"So, that is why I don't know what has released today. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have not seen anything. I will increase my knowledge a bit now. And the next time that I meet you guys (media), maybe we could discuss this a bit. However, for today, understand that I was shooting in a no network area where I did not get the required information."

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